Mini-Sessions and Fine Art

I am thinking about bringing mini-sessions back.

It seems that the way I was doing them before had a few flaws and I am reviewing several different ways to go about them in the future.

Thinking of launching two types, standard portrait mini-sessions and clone mini-sessions.
The difference being the amount of photo’s produced for media between each sessions.  Clone shots will take more time and therefore there will be less as the time between sessions will have a common standard. 

In other news MSP has a new web store that requires no login!  This is a temporary store until I get my website back up which is a project still underway.

Purchase fine art prints to decorate your home and help MSP fund the new web site!

Prints available for limited lowered prices in celebration for the new store!  Link to new store available at top of blog.


Studio Space Rental.

Just some sharing while looking for places to shoot I found a very helpful spot.

For any photographers in need of studio space in the lower michigan area, check out the Photo Studio Group in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Pending on your needs possibly a better solution than renting a hotel / motel room and using natural lighting from a window.

Creek Motel Sneak Peak!

I had a blast at my TFP shoot w/ my friend Shana and her roommate Brian.  We got some great shots, as well as the laws approval to “trespass”.  Though some say this is cheating; I have too many bills to be throwing money at tickets for trespassing, B/E and any of the other charges that could come along from Urban Exploring.  Though I do miss the thrill of going where you’re not supposed to go.

To the left is a sneak peak from today’s shoot.  A fun, creative portrait session for Mothers Day.  More to come tomorrow but it is late and I still have errands to finish before my day is over.  Thanks for tuning in.