Packaging up and shipping an order from MSP Fine Art Web Store.

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Ludington, Michigan.


Ludington, Michigan.

MSP added phone captures (over 50 of them) to the MSP web store.

Click photo to be directed to MSP web store.

Phone shots $25 ea or 4 for $70!

DSLR shots start at $75 ea with multiple order discounts in place. See about section for discount details.

Cyber Monday

MSP web store is hosting their own Cyber Monday sale.

It’s been going on since noon and has been advertised on FB, g+ and twitter.

I felt like I had been advertising in my blog too much lately but would feel terrible if I kept these deals from anybody, because they wont happen again.  Not until next year.
Click image to be directed to MSP web store.


Mini-Sessions and Fine Art

I am thinking about bringing mini-sessions back.

It seems that the way I was doing them before had a few flaws and I am reviewing several different ways to go about them in the future.

Thinking of launching two types, standard portrait mini-sessions and clone mini-sessions.
The difference being the amount of photo’s produced for media between each sessions.  Clone shots will take more time and therefore there will be less as the time between sessions will have a common standard. 

In other news MSP has a new web store that requires no login!  This is a temporary store until I get my website back up which is a project still underway.

Purchase fine art prints to decorate your home and help MSP fund the new web site!

Prints available for limited lowered prices in celebration for the new store!  Link to new store available at top of blog.

Black Friday at MSP


Book now at the discounted price and shoot soon or later.  (Dec 1, 2012 – July 4, 2013).  Booking fee still due at time of booking, you will receive a receipt w/ appointment listing + a 25% off voucher for any print in the MSP fine art print store (50% for FB fans).  Book a session for yourself and buy a fine art print half off as a gift to someone else, or book the session for someone else and use the voucher on yourself.

Your voucher will have a specific code tied to the name you book with.  Your voucher will be sent to you via email after your booking.

Redeeming your print voucher w/ print of your choice in the MSP web store…

Visit MSP Store.  Browse.  Find the print you want.  Don’t see it?  Know it from a flickr or FB gallery?  Find it.  Copy the link of this image (in the web store or outside), if from the web store please add print title.

Visit main gallery page of MSP Store.  Click on Black Friday Print Voucher item {choose which one is for you, there is one for FB fans and one for non FB fans}.  $67.00 for those who are not fans of MSP FB Fan Page.  $45.00 for FB fans of MSP Fan Page.

To properly redeem FB Fan Page discount, must include FB name in comments to seller.

ALL must include in comments to seller box, link + title (if from web store) of desired print.  Copy your voucher code from the email you receive from MSP into comments to seller box as well.

Voucher good for ONE print.  12″x12″.  Other sizes available at request but the cost will vary.  Sizes depend on selected print.

Comments to seller does not appear?  Email link to image + title (if from web store) and voucher code to, title email “Print Voucher Request”.

Voucher must be redeemed by December 15th 2012, 11pm.   

Terms & Conditions:

You may only participate in one discount program at a time.  If you have booked a session previously under the FB Fans Save savings program you can not book another session under the Black Friday Specials savings program.  You can not apply both savings programs to one session.

You can not apply year round FB fans saving incentives to any session booked under a discount program (Black Friday Specials, FB Fans Save, etc). You can not apply any variation of multiple discount programs to one session.

Booking fee still due at time of booking even if your session date is three month’s down the road.  If for any reason other than unavoidable act’s of God, you need to cancel (instead of reschedule) your booking fee is non-refundable.

Clones and why you don’t Delete Photos

I was going through some old photos looking for stuff to edit a few night’s ago when I found a series of photo’s I only edited one from.  One that was one of my most popular photo’s despite it’s lack of skill presentation.  You can see this photo displayed to the left here, w/ the what appears to be white t-shirt (it’s really yellow) and the shorts.

Almost a full year later I stumble upon this folder and find a few more photo’s that had more potential than this one and I wonder why I never edited them.  Maybe I didn’t have the vision for them then that I had immediately this time.

This brings us to a good note I’ve read in a few photography books – never delete a photo, you never know when you might come back to it with a purpose, or stumble upon it and be inspired unlike before.  

Above is the photo I edited from this set a few nights ago and left it at that.  It was clear to me that I was trying to set up a clone shot in this area but had failed to get my positioning well and also it seemed by my posture I was lacking inspiration that night for diversity between clones.  So I returned to this spot and reshot the clone piece in my head this morning at 1 AM.  Below are the varied editing results from last night.