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Not much effort put in here, but you get the idea.


Google books

As a self taught photographer I read a lot. About photography, business, entrepreneur successes and downfalls.  I research social and marketing trends all in the same day I fullfill my office duties, graphic design jobs, schedule clients and sell my services though lately I’ve had less time for in person sales which are drastically important.  On top of this and other daily routine duties I try and find time to take fine art pictures process and post them at least once a week given the weather permits.


iBooks has been a great help in my ability to get my reading done without carrying an office with me, newsstand offered a great change in pace for me to keep up with my tech subscriptions.  I also enjoy exploring the free book sections on the app store, sometimes I actually find old favorites or something new and possibly useful to my ventures.  Depicted above in screenshots are some of my classic favorite tales including one book I’m reading that helped with my in person sales and general business socialization.

Recently I aquirred an HP touchpad tablet, for the nerds out there I’m sure you know that


this was discontinued a mere six weeks after its release in 2010.  If you’re a true nerd you know this doesnt make it useless but a great steal.  Mine is a 32g model that I got for free off a less tech savvy individual. They were bored of WebOS and its long outdated app market; what they failed to realize was the Droid hacks available for WebOS.  Having failed to realize the potential of their item they gave it away thinking it had no monetary value.

After hacking my tablet I was introduced to Play Books the online book market for Google powered phones and tablets.  Previously and still the tablet had / has the kindle app, but when I’m poor I search options.


There wasn’t much for business in the free section of play books but there were some of my favorites not in the other markets as well as some classics I’ve yet to read.  Why pay Barnes and noble seven dollars for their reprints of classics when I get them free online?  A harmless crime as the authors are all dead now, no royalties to miss out on.

I enjoy the larger screen for reading vs my iPhone, however the free samples you get from play books of books you have to pay for are weak. iBooks offers you a better free sample of a book.

Overall due to newsstand being able to hold my subscriptions my iPhone remains lead in business reading for me but hopefully Droid catches up as I do enjoy the larger screen.  If they fail it wont be skin off my back as I still plan on getting an iPad.

*Post made on HP Tablet*