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Kodak Mickey Matic (google searched image).


Kodak Mickey Matic (google searched image).

What was the first camera you owned?

This is a google searched image of the first camera I ever had, Kodak Mickey Matic.
I lost it at age seven when I dropped it in a lake trying to capture light refraction photo’s of fish while my dad was fishing. I’d love to see what that film looks like today.
Whovians, do note my first camera was tardis blue!

Smart Camera

Frequently I’m questioned about camera’s.

As you know, apparently being a photographer mean’s that you’re a salesman too for all your gear, most commonly the camera.  People seem to have the idea in their head that I know about every camera on the market at any given time, because I’m a photographer.  Though I stay more up to date than someone outside my profession, doesn’t mean that you can ask me about any specific camera and I’ll be able to rattle it’s specs to you and know if it best suits your needs.

I don’t like to disappoint though, so if I’m asked these thing’s online, I’ll do them a favor.

I open google and I type in the camera they want.  I do a quick ten – fifteen minute research on it, compare prices, and find simular models of lower cost.  Link curious george to found information and wash my hands of the whole situation.

During the holiday season these questions increase as people consider gifts for loved ones.  This is when I want to help more than ever.  Kicking off my holiday suggestions for this season is the Nikon Coolpix s800c (Click Image below to view Nikons item page and learn more about it).

I highly recommend this camera to people wanting a camera who are still sporting old school cell phones (pre-smartphone).  Reasonably priced for this unique technology.

As always, thank you for your time and attention, stay tuned for more interesting news, updates, shooting tips and MSP information.

Photographing the World in a Day.

Some of you might ask, how?  Some of you who possibly solve things like riddles often have probably already concluded that this would require more than one person.  Logical thinkers, you are right.

The A Day Photo project can be found at explaining the purpose, idea and execution of this project with the participation of you, myself and anyone else we choose to infect with the idea.

A quick run through of what’s going on.  The project isn’t an unfamiliar idea to anyone who participates in some sort of social network heavily based on photography or otherwise.

All photography equipment and levels are accepted for this project.  If you’re a beginner shooter who uses their iphone only, no fear, you’re still welcome in this project.  If you use a point and shoot camera hand held or on a tri-pod, a DSLR, or even film.  If you can get a digital copy of the image it’s a go for acceptance.

What are you capturing?

Your every day life, but don’t worry about running dry on inspiration.  The project is broken into three simple categories for you to hit through your day.  Home, Work and connections.  (Don’t have work, that’s fine, unemployment is considered in this group and you are then to capture what life is like for you during those normal work hours when others slave away).  Then each category is split into smaller sub categories to help guide you and inspire your photo journey through the day.

What happens to the photos when I submit them?

They will be displayed on the online community for A Day.  Some will even be chosen and published in a printed book.  So don’t miss your chance to be apart of a historical moment, to send your daily life into the future for others to examine and learn from.  Make an impact in your life, in others for generations to come.  Join the A Day project and start shuttering on May 15th, the official photo day.  For more details visit A Day website.  

Below is some samples of the type of photo’s you would take, category samples.  Home / room / junk.  Food.  Work.  connections / people interaction.

Updating the Equipment.

When I sat down in the office today I dove right into research after reading and working out my reply to a very talented graphic / web designer that I want to hire for my next website. If you’re looking for a complete overhaul for your site, I suggest clicking the above link and exploring your options.

After my reply was sent off I was off on a thinking frenzy about glass. I am dissatisfied with my camera bag, it’s long overdue for an update. Perhaps it’s the to-do list waiting for me, or the crazy sunshine getting to my head but I dove right into research.

*Photo stock from google. Not MSP property.*

The camera I’m aiming for is amazing and far out of my price range right now; I have a few options picked out in the Canon Mark series.

Though most the glass I have in mind ranges close to the price of a new camera, the thought occurred to me that I don’t have any pieces that would do a new camera justice.

Another perk to updating your glass before your camera is the new life it will breathe into your photo’s, possibly delaying your need / desire for a new body all together. Allowing you time to save for an even better model!

*Photo borrowed from Lensbaby. EDGE 80 optic.*

I noticed Lensbaby had some new optics out so I started here for their cost friendly solutions. The one that caught my eye first in an advertisement… (in my e-mail… this is how it all started, now it comes to me) was the EDGE 80 optic.

Now for my research which includes a Pinterest board that will be ever expanding, I specified portrait glass. I have a great versatile lens that is good for landscapes but the bread and butter comes from portraits. The advantage to lenses for portraits is they usually aid to great artistic works when used outside the “intended” field. My prime lens (50mm) is my best friend. Someday I would love to upgrade it to a fancier model as I currently own the modest version.

I’m on a real prime kick lately despite my next purchase being a Zoom. The prime I have right now is serving me well, also it’s upgraded model is a third the cost of a new body. The zoom lens that would be greatly beneficial to me is much cheaper despite it’s versatility.

*Photo stock from google.*

I’m excited to get my tax returns so I can start on my new glass venture. I’m going to be listing a lens for sale, and possibly a canon up-close filter. The piece I’ll be letting go is my telephoto 58mm, EF 55-250mm. Great condition.

I hope my board was of use to some of you. Good luck on your own equipment updates and your plans in funding them. I suggest doing research specified towards your fields of interest in photography. What do you shoot the most? I bought for what I wanted to shoot and less for what I could shoot… it’s left me with a lot of thing’s I have no real need for and will be letting to go make room for great new toys!