Creative Portrait Vine

Guesses as to how this was created? Vine hacks ?

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New Year

I hope everyone had a great New Years celebration.  I myself had to stay in due to funds and a tooth ache, I wasn’t even awake at midnight, I woke up half an hour past.  So unfortunately I have no awesome New Years shots to share with you, but there will be more in the future, murphy’s law permitting.

MSP is excited for the changes coming this year.  Prices are remaining the same as they are industry standard but mini-sessions will be greater and hopefully this year more tactfully distributed.  Image

I am hoping to be able to afford advertising this year and hopefully 2014 can be the year I get my website back up, now that I’m getting a little attention to my venture that’s now seven years in.

A lot of other people would have given up with so little profit turn around from such an expensive business venture like photography.  It is however a passion and my ability for work is still very much limited.  I struggle to make what I have work.  Business wise speaking I’m on a sinking ship I should have abandoned years ago but I’m determined to patch her up and get her afloat again.

I thank everyone who has helped and supported me a long the way so far.  You’re all very dear to me, like family.

Here’s to also hoping that I am able to keep the web store running with discounts in place.  The site I use is free but the special things are not.  I have to pay for an app (monthly) that allows me to install discounts that automatically tally at checkout.  I also have to pay (monthly) for an app that tracks abandoned shopping carts and sends an email to the forgetful shopper.  The web store cost me just over $20 a month to run and has sold one print in the half year it has been open.  I have high hopes of keeping it together but with all my other bills coming in combined with lack of sales my hope is starting to seem highly unrealistic.  The fat lady hasn’t sung, the curtain hasn’t fallen yet.  If I have to cancel the web store discounts and tracking systems they will surely reappear when I have the money to fund them again.  It wouldn’t be a forever thing.

ImageTo help increase web store sales and hopefully not have to take a period of time without store discounts, I have added over 50 new images to the MSP web store.  Phone captures collection, since my phoneography seems to catch a lot more attention than my DSLR work, sadly.  It’s a compliment to my eye and style either way so I’ll accept it and if people like it, I shouldn’t keep it from them.

I hope everyone has an exciting year filled with adventures, changes and opportunities.  Let’s hope MSP is able to blow your minds this coming year.  I sure am going to try.