Through the Lens

This is probably my fav find I the night. Simple but entrancing.

Are you part of the vine community? Thought about using it for marketing? Expanding the audience for your business? Could be a good tool for you. More on marketing on vine to come.


Christopher Boffoli


Christopher Boffoli

Miniature food photography. Click image to be directed to a blog post to learn more about this artist and image.

Bokeh Filters, bringing back ’09.



Bokeh filters were a popular photography trend in 2009, they aren’t as commonly seen in every day photography use and so the effect has kind of fallen to the side.  Those who remembered it forgot about it and with the members of team photography growing; so grows the amount of people who know nothing about it.

So I’m bringing it back and I want to share with you how to enjoy them cost efficiently.  Though picking up a set of bokeh fitlers or a bokeh filter kit is always a plus.

DIY Bokeh Filters

First let me start out by saying that the cardboard option depicted above is much more difficult to perfect than the thick black paper method.

  • Trace your 50mm filter ring or end of lens onto thick black paper or cardboard.
  • Cut circle out.
  • Draw a shape onto the cut out circle, preferably in the center.  Free hand is awesome if you can achieve it, I wanted a more reliable shape so I used a stencil I printed off the internet.  If you use a stencil I suggest taping it down to the cut out circle so it doesn’t slide on you as you cut your shape out.
  • Use an exacto blade to remove the shape from your circle.
  • fit circle paper at the end of your lens.  With the paper it should fit inside the filter ring with a little trimming.  If you used cardboard use scotch tape to fit the filter to the end of your lens.  Make sure there is no light leaking to the lens from the edges of the filter.

Shooting Tips

Find a far away light source.  The farther away the more break off shapes you will have from one light source.  Bring light source out of focus, making your focal point closest to the end of your lens.  Find large light sources or large clusters of light sources.

If you tried this out because of this blog or on your own accord please reply with links to your own creative images using bokeh filters!  I would love to see them.

The bokeh image featured in this blog was my first shot, hand held from my car.  I suggest a tri-pod for ultimate results.  Thank you for your time, please stay tuned.

Free & Open


This could be the future of the internet.  What affects the internet, affects our phones and how we can use them and the features we pay so much for.

To find out more about what is happening in these events and how our future use of the internet could be drastically changed, visit the following links.

Google books

As a self taught photographer I read a lot. About photography, business, entrepreneur successes and downfalls.  I research social and marketing trends all in the same day I fullfill my office duties, graphic design jobs, schedule clients and sell my services though lately I’ve had less time for in person sales which are drastically important.  On top of this and other daily routine duties I try and find time to take fine art pictures process and post them at least once a week given the weather permits.


iBooks has been a great help in my ability to get my reading done without carrying an office with me, newsstand offered a great change in pace for me to keep up with my tech subscriptions.  I also enjoy exploring the free book sections on the app store, sometimes I actually find old favorites or something new and possibly useful to my ventures.  Depicted above in screenshots are some of my classic favorite tales including one book I’m reading that helped with my in person sales and general business socialization.

Recently I aquirred an HP touchpad tablet, for the nerds out there I’m sure you know that


this was discontinued a mere six weeks after its release in 2010.  If you’re a true nerd you know this doesnt make it useless but a great steal.  Mine is a 32g model that I got for free off a less tech savvy individual. They were bored of WebOS and its long outdated app market; what they failed to realize was the Droid hacks available for WebOS.  Having failed to realize the potential of their item they gave it away thinking it had no monetary value.

After hacking my tablet I was introduced to Play Books the online book market for Google powered phones and tablets.  Previously and still the tablet had / has the kindle app, but when I’m poor I search options.


There wasn’t much for business in the free section of play books but there were some of my favorites not in the other markets as well as some classics I’ve yet to read.  Why pay Barnes and noble seven dollars for their reprints of classics when I get them free online?  A harmless crime as the authors are all dead now, no royalties to miss out on.

I enjoy the larger screen for reading vs my iPhone, however the free samples you get from play books of books you have to pay for are weak. iBooks offers you a better free sample of a book.

Overall due to newsstand being able to hold my subscriptions my iPhone remains lead in business reading for me but hopefully Droid catches up as I do enjoy the larger screen.  If they fail it wont be skin off my back as I still plan on getting an iPad.

*Post made on HP Tablet*

Perks of Being a Wallflower: Rediscovered.

I’m sure I am not the only one excited to see the MTV Books hit “the perks of being a wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky coming to theaters this year.  Something I had expected to be happening for awhile now, the fact that it’s from the producers of “Juno” is no surprise.

I am sure many of you remember the tale that was unfolded in a series of anonymous letters written to a person who happened to strike a young boy as kind.

Depicted in this post is my second copy of the book published in 1999 by MTV Books.  My first copy was never returned after lending it out to a friend that moved away -these things happened and it was worth losing, knowing someone else would be able to share it and it’s tale-.

I and many others took this book far beyond reading, as many works of fiction generate some sort of living essence outside themselves in forms of community.  At the time LiveJournal (LJ and its notorious opposite DJ -DeadJournal) was at the height of the blogosphere.

There was a community called Dear Friend where you could be a Charlie and write anonymously to a stranger who was privately signed up on the Friend list, or sign up to be a Friend.  I was both.  Though I stopped writing to my friend after a year and I always wondered if my Charlie continued to write me, I have moved since then and the community was no longer moderated at the time, so there was no way of forwarding a new address.  The letters my Charlie did write, I still have in a box tucked away somewhere and until a week or so ago I was wearing a friendship bracelet she had made and sent for me.  It’s colors are faded now, it’s currently lost but it always comes back.

I know this book touched a lot of lives like great literature tends to do, and I hope the movie doesn’t disappoint any of the fans still lurking with their paperbacks close to heart.  Stay tuned for more information on it’s official release date.

ADAY is here!

It’s finally here, May 15th the ADAY project!  I’ve already started as soon as I woke up this morning on my photo’s, which I’m taking mostly with my iphone because I have far too much work on my plate right now to be hauling my DSLR around and then editing the images (as my camera doesn’t understand jpeg mode, it know’s only RAW).  Processing would have to be done then and I don’t have the time for it.  Besides, this is why I have an awesome phone.

In celebration of the photographing the day project happening right now, I’m using today’s post to publish a small list of big help resources for photography business education.

Books in image to the left are some current reads and past reads.  Each of them have been a big help with the blogs I’ve shared in earlier posts.

Top to bottom:

“Little Red Book of Selling” by Jeffrey Gitomer

“The Digital Photography Book” Series 1-4 by Scott Kelby (My most used tools for photography reference next to a blog I’ll share below).

“Bloggers Boot Camp”.  by White Biggs.  (You might as well buy an electronic version, the print version loses its pages very easily, poor construction but great information.  I break most these rules daily obviously but I’m working on it).

A very helpful blog for people learning flash / lighting.  Strobist.

Another great blog based out of Ann Arbor Michigan, the Photo Studio Group.

A great podcast to listen to for those of you who have itunes- TWIP (This Week in Photography).

These resources will help you excel and some will help keep your finger on the pulse, which is important in any field.  Thank you for tuning in, I apologize for my over worked schedule and lack of blog attention lately.  It’s a work in progress– scheduling.  Please stop back in for more gems soon, feel free to add any resources to this blog via comments, I appreciate all feedback / contributions.

Happy ADAY!