Canon Close-up filter pt 2.

The canon Close-Up filter piece is hosted for sale at the yardsellr community.

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Canon Close-Up Lens Converter: Sale!

As mentioned in my previous post, Updating Equipment, I’m selling some old to make room for new.  There were a few items for sale but before I could even get a chance to photograph them and write this post they were scooped up, leaving me with only one item to list.  Easy for me, sadly not much selection for you.

Here it is though.  Canon is the single maker of the one step macro conversion kit called close-up converter.  A great shallow end to the macro world without the deep end costs of entry level macro glass.  

Canon close-up ranges $129-$188.

Mine is in great like-new condition.  The case displays all the ware and the converter none.    My asking price: $105.  This includes shipping + insurance / delivery confirmation.  This item was used about three or four times.  Always in an indoor area.

Note*  Case has all the ware on it, scuffed well from rubbing against other accessory cases inside my camera bag.  The filter itself though is flawless.  View the gallery to see many more photo’s including a glare showing the filter coating.

I hope to see this go to a good home, it’s been used far too little in my possession and I hope someone else finds this to be the piece they were looking for to breathe new life into their work.