Bokeh Filters, bringing back ’09.



Bokeh filters were a popular photography trend in 2009, they aren’t as commonly seen in every day photography use and so the effect has kind of fallen to the side.  Those who remembered it forgot about it and with the members of team photography growing; so grows the amount of people who know nothing about it.

So I’m bringing it back and I want to share with you how to enjoy them cost efficiently.  Though picking up a set of bokeh fitlers or a bokeh filter kit is always a plus.

DIY Bokeh Filters

First let me start out by saying that the cardboard option depicted above is much more difficult to perfect than the thick black paper method.

  • Trace your 50mm filter ring or end of lens onto thick black paper or cardboard.
  • Cut circle out.
  • Draw a shape onto the cut out circle, preferably in the center.  Free hand is awesome if you can achieve it, I wanted a more reliable shape so I used a stencil I printed off the internet.  If you use a stencil I suggest taping it down to the cut out circle so it doesn’t slide on you as you cut your shape out.
  • Use an exacto blade to remove the shape from your circle.
  • fit circle paper at the end of your lens.  With the paper it should fit inside the filter ring with a little trimming.  If you used cardboard use scotch tape to fit the filter to the end of your lens.  Make sure there is no light leaking to the lens from the edges of the filter.

Shooting Tips

Find a far away light source.  The farther away the more break off shapes you will have from one light source.  Bring light source out of focus, making your focal point closest to the end of your lens.  Find large light sources or large clusters of light sources.

If you tried this out because of this blog or on your own accord please reply with links to your own creative images using bokeh filters!  I would love to see them.

The bokeh image featured in this blog was my first shot, hand held from my car.  I suggest a tri-pod for ultimate results.  Thank you for your time, please stay tuned.


MSP Holiday Portrait Mini Sessions.

The holiday season is a time for giving, and all that giving can leave your wallets pretty empty.  People love to send end of the year greeting cards to friends and family with photo’s and a small insert catching them up on the years events.  Sometimes they just want digital copies for an e-letter.

Whatever your reasons I have seasonal savings on quality portrait sessions.

Location still to be determined though I am aiming for space in the Linden / Argentine area.

I need at least six bookings to make this event spectacular for everyone, max 13 time slots available.  Sessions are twenty-five minutes long.  Book your time slot today before they fill up!

For more details, please read graphic below.  Click on image to see in it’s full size, isolated in a new window.

To claim your time slot call 530-633-7440 or email

If you’re going to participate in this event and are not a fan of the MSP FB fan page then you may want direct yourself towards this post and read the benefits available to fans of the MSP FB fan page.  You will find savings that can be applied to your session or print package order.

Stay tuned for more MSP updates as well as shooting & editing tips.  As always thank you for your time and attention.


I haven’t died, I swear.

Above is the view from the end of my old driveway.  Taken with my iphone4s using Hipstamatic app.

Lots of changes in the MSP office.  For one, it’s location or rather for now my location.  I’ve been moving across town and my office has remained at my parents.  I’m currently without internet so I’m running my office out of their home.  Soon there will be a studio / bathroom and an office in the basement of my new home for full functional operations!  I’m very excited about this transition.  First step though is getting the internet to come to my new woodsy haven.
Above is the pond out front of my new home / soon to be studio / office.

In between that I’m working on several clients and making memories last forever.  Also planning next years incentives, advertising, and general game plan.  Preparing for a vendor show in December in Owosso Michigan with some very talented company.  Trying to come up with a versatile print to offer as a door prize for the show.  I thought about giving a free session coupon as the door prize  but an associate pointed out that something they could take home and own right away would be more appealing and I have to say after she brought it up, I agree.

So much office work to be done that I haven’t had time to touch my camera much this summer but I will capture my new surroundings before it gets too cold to do so.  Hopefully my studio is built by the time the weather drastically changes so my work doesn’t skip a beat.

I promise to get back to the helpful blogging stuff as soon as I have time, I just have to get a few clients finished and then I can concentrate more on the underbelly of things.  Please hang in there, I appreciate all of my followers.  Next post will have some more clone tips for you!  Stay tuned!

OH! There you are.

Well HELLO there!  Hello, Hello are you still out there?  Is there anybody in there?  

I have been super inspired and on fire lately, there was no time for stopping.  Words had no place in the light.

For now an introduction into my new photo project, camera series.

Sneak peak to a documentation of a small part of camera history.  Stay tuned for more.

Sunday Afternoons

Tyler & Josh (bandmates) discussing technology outdoors on break from practice.

Yesterday afternoon was spent documenting a local band, though their music hardly fits the idea of a quiet serene evening sundays tend to provide.  Their a metal band who’s riffs echo off the surrounding cottages on the guitarists lake home in Hartland, Michigan.  The neighbors don’t complain, practice never seems to go longer than three hours and at respectable times.

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ADAY is here!

It’s finally here, May 15th the ADAY project!  I’ve already started as soon as I woke up this morning on my photo’s, which I’m taking mostly with my iphone because I have far too much work on my plate right now to be hauling my DSLR around and then editing the images (as my camera doesn’t understand jpeg mode, it know’s only RAW).  Processing would have to be done then and I don’t have the time for it.  Besides, this is why I have an awesome phone.

In celebration of the photographing the day project happening right now, I’m using today’s post to publish a small list of big help resources for photography business education.

Books in image to the left are some current reads and past reads.  Each of them have been a big help with the blogs I’ve shared in earlier posts.

Top to bottom:

“Little Red Book of Selling” by Jeffrey Gitomer

“The Digital Photography Book” Series 1-4 by Scott Kelby (My most used tools for photography reference next to a blog I’ll share below).

“Bloggers Boot Camp”.  by White Biggs.  (You might as well buy an electronic version, the print version loses its pages very easily, poor construction but great information.  I break most these rules daily obviously but I’m working on it).

A very helpful blog for people learning flash / lighting.  Strobist.

Another great blog based out of Ann Arbor Michigan, the Photo Studio Group.

A great podcast to listen to for those of you who have itunes- TWIP (This Week in Photography).

These resources will help you excel and some will help keep your finger on the pulse, which is important in any field.  Thank you for tuning in, I apologize for my over worked schedule and lack of blog attention lately.  It’s a work in progress– scheduling.  Please stop back in for more gems soon, feel free to add any resources to this blog via comments, I appreciate all feedback / contributions.

Happy ADAY!

Recap: Photo Contest’s and Photographing the World in a Day.

Today is a beautiful day here, and I’m getting ready to head out and enjoy it with my camera.  I’m heading to a local abandoned motel in Swartz Creek that I photographed a few years back when I was using less interesting editing software and had nothing of an organization system.  I think I may have lost the originals so re-editing isn’t a possibility.  Luckily it’s not far as stated so I’m heading out there again with new equipment and a few props plus a model this time.

In fact my model is TFP (Time For Print) based, which will be the perfect segway into building that post on TFP I’ve been promising.  So there is two birds with one stone!  Three really since I get to enjoy the day with a friend too.

In other news, 9 hours and some calculations from now the photo contest with cash prizes I entered closes!

There are plenty of more competitions to enter if you don’t make this one, but they might not be free of entry fee.

Also we are 9 DAYS away from “Photograph the World in a Day” project.  To learn more click here.  Don’t forget to participate!

Thank you for tuning in, hope everyone who participated in last night’s festivities of Cinco de Mayo has a speedy recovery this AM.