New Year

I hope everyone had a great New Years celebration.  I myself had to stay in due to funds and a tooth ache, I wasn’t even awake at midnight, I woke up half an hour past.  So unfortunately I have no awesome New Years shots to share with you, but there will be more in the future, murphy’s law permitting.

MSP is excited for the changes coming this year.  Prices are remaining the same as they are industry standard but mini-sessions will be greater and hopefully this year more tactfully distributed.  Image

I am hoping to be able to afford advertising this year and hopefully 2014 can be the year I get my website back up, now that I’m getting a little attention to my venture that’s now seven years in.

A lot of other people would have given up with so little profit turn around from such an expensive business venture like photography.  It is however a passion and my ability for work is still very much limited.  I struggle to make what I have work.  Business wise speaking I’m on a sinking ship I should have abandoned years ago but I’m determined to patch her up and get her afloat again.

I thank everyone who has helped and supported me a long the way so far.  You’re all very dear to me, like family.

Here’s to also hoping that I am able to keep the web store running with discounts in place.  The site I use is free but the special things are not.  I have to pay for an app (monthly) that allows me to install discounts that automatically tally at checkout.  I also have to pay (monthly) for an app that tracks abandoned shopping carts and sends an email to the forgetful shopper.  The web store cost me just over $20 a month to run and has sold one print in the half year it has been open.  I have high hopes of keeping it together but with all my other bills coming in combined with lack of sales my hope is starting to seem highly unrealistic.  The fat lady hasn’t sung, the curtain hasn’t fallen yet.  If I have to cancel the web store discounts and tracking systems they will surely reappear when I have the money to fund them again.  It wouldn’t be a forever thing.

ImageTo help increase web store sales and hopefully not have to take a period of time without store discounts, I have added over 50 new images to the MSP web store.  Phone captures collection, since my phoneography seems to catch a lot more attention than my DSLR work, sadly.  It’s a compliment to my eye and style either way so I’ll accept it and if people like it, I shouldn’t keep it from them.

I hope everyone has an exciting year filled with adventures, changes and opportunities.  Let’s hope MSP is able to blow your minds this coming year.  I sure am going to try.


Ludington, Michigan.


Ludington, Michigan.

MSP added phone captures (over 50 of them) to the MSP web store.

Click photo to be directed to MSP web store.

Phone shots $25 ea or 4 for $70!

DSLR shots start at $75 ea with multiple order discounts in place. See about section for discount details.

Black Friday at MSP


Book now at the discounted price and shoot soon or later.  (Dec 1, 2012 – July 4, 2013).  Booking fee still due at time of booking, you will receive a receipt w/ appointment listing + a 25% off voucher for any print in the MSP fine art print store (50% for FB fans).  Book a session for yourself and buy a fine art print half off as a gift to someone else, or book the session for someone else and use the voucher on yourself.

Your voucher will have a specific code tied to the name you book with.  Your voucher will be sent to you via email after your booking.

Redeeming your print voucher w/ print of your choice in the MSP web store…

Visit MSP Store.  Browse.  Find the print you want.  Don’t see it?  Know it from a flickr or FB gallery?  Find it.  Copy the link of this image (in the web store or outside), if from the web store please add print title.

Visit main gallery page of MSP Store.  Click on Black Friday Print Voucher item {choose which one is for you, there is one for FB fans and one for non FB fans}.  $67.00 for those who are not fans of MSP FB Fan Page.  $45.00 for FB fans of MSP Fan Page.

To properly redeem FB Fan Page discount, must include FB name in comments to seller.

ALL must include in comments to seller box, link + title (if from web store) of desired print.  Copy your voucher code from the email you receive from MSP into comments to seller box as well.

Voucher good for ONE print.  12″x12″.  Other sizes available at request but the cost will vary.  Sizes depend on selected print.

Comments to seller does not appear?  Email link to image + title (if from web store) and voucher code to, title email “Print Voucher Request”.

Voucher must be redeemed by December 15th 2012, 11pm.   

Terms & Conditions:

You may only participate in one discount program at a time.  If you have booked a session previously under the FB Fans Save savings program you can not book another session under the Black Friday Specials savings program.  You can not apply both savings programs to one session.

You can not apply year round FB fans saving incentives to any session booked under a discount program (Black Friday Specials, FB Fans Save, etc). You can not apply any variation of multiple discount programs to one session.

Booking fee still due at time of booking even if your session date is three month’s down the road.  If for any reason other than unavoidable act’s of God, you need to cancel (instead of reschedule) your booking fee is non-refundable.

Thanksgiving laughs & tips.


There is no better way to start things off than with Karen Alloy, in my opinion.  I hope that got you laughing like it did me.

Moving on to what people really care about this time of year, food.  For all of those foodies and pinterest nerds out there I have quickly compiled a small selection of various thanksgiving dish options for anyone looking to escape a played out routine.  Discover dishes from across america that you could incorporate into your holiday pallet.  View here.

I personally would like to try lot’s of these dishes this year but alas I am not in charge of the food, unfortunately but thankfully that means less effort on my part.  Please enjoy this small festive post, I hope it helped you prepare for your day’s festivities.

Smart Camera

Frequently I’m questioned about camera’s.

As you know, apparently being a photographer mean’s that you’re a salesman too for all your gear, most commonly the camera.  People seem to have the idea in their head that I know about every camera on the market at any given time, because I’m a photographer.  Though I stay more up to date than someone outside my profession, doesn’t mean that you can ask me about any specific camera and I’ll be able to rattle it’s specs to you and know if it best suits your needs.

I don’t like to disappoint though, so if I’m asked these thing’s online, I’ll do them a favor.

I open google and I type in the camera they want.  I do a quick ten – fifteen minute research on it, compare prices, and find simular models of lower cost.  Link curious george to found information and wash my hands of the whole situation.

During the holiday season these questions increase as people consider gifts for loved ones.  This is when I want to help more than ever.  Kicking off my holiday suggestions for this season is the Nikon Coolpix s800c (Click Image below to view Nikons item page and learn more about it).

I highly recommend this camera to people wanting a camera who are still sporting old school cell phones (pre-smartphone).  Reasonably priced for this unique technology.

As always, thank you for your time and attention, stay tuned for more interesting news, updates, shooting tips and MSP information.

Innovative Apps

As a business person I’m always looking for apps to help my work function more smoothly.  At first glance at Dashlane I thought this has to be one of the most ridiculous lazy things I have seen.  I was viewing as a consumer of coarse as this was only about seven minutes after I opened my eyes and greeted the day, when I learned of the apps existence.

Sleepy eye’d I thumb through my new issue of PopSci as I wait for my water to nearly come to a boil for my tea.  I see this small side article on Dashlane and think to myself “What kind of lazy person can’t take a few minutes to fill out information fields and would rather risk their security allowing an app to keep all this information for them.”

Moments passed and consciousness sunk in and it hit me… possibly not a high demand for the average consumer, unless a shopaholic but more of a useful tool for business owners who have to make countless orders day in and day out.  Security wise it seems pretty secure, though I’m slightly skeptical of things like this, that’s also what insurances are in place for.  Something business owners carry vs the average consumer.  Insurance against costly accidents.

If you’re looking for a faster way to checkout online when ordering, check out Dashline, a free app meant to free up your time.  Available on windows, droid, and ios devices.  See your app store today to find your free download.

As always, thank you for your time and attention, stay tuned for more technology updates, shooting tips and MSP new’s.

Facebook Fanpage 500 Fans Giveaway

  • Must be a fan of the MSP fanpage to qualify for entry in giveaway.
  • Suggested that you add MSP fan page to your interests lists.  This way you won’t miss the announcement of when the giveaway starts after the 500 fan mark is met.  You must comment on the status announcing the giveaway to enter yourself for the drawing.
  • Drawings are vlogged two weeks after status announcement and posted in blog.  Link to vlog entry will be posted on MSP fan page.  (Another reason to have it on your interest lists so it appears in your feed and you don’t miss it.  With those continuous updates from FB, fan pages no longer appear in your home feed unless you add them to your interest list, example depicted above).
  • Print comes w/ black matboard.
  • Shipped to your home or address of choice in boutique packaging with surprise freebies inside!

Stay tuned for more giveaway information, shooting & editing tips.  As always thank you for your time and attention.