Thanksgiving laughs & tips.


There is no better way to start things off than with Karen Alloy, in my opinion.  I hope that got you laughing like it did me.

Moving on to what people really care about this time of year, food.  For all of those foodies and pinterest nerds out there I have quickly compiled a small selection of various thanksgiving dish options for anyone looking to escape a played out routine.  Discover dishes from across america that you could incorporate into your holiday pallet.  View here.

I personally would like to try lot’s of these dishes this year but alas I am not in charge of the food, unfortunately but thankfully that means less effort on my part.  Please enjoy this small festive post, I hope it helped you prepare for your day’s festivities.


Cupcakes and Life Direction.

Images taken w/ my iphone.

More cupcakes and you might be thinking;

“She could be blogging instead of making all these cupcakes.”

Truth.  My mind however has been scattered with decisions about the direction of my business and my life.  Baking is a great time for thinking, sorting through the things cluttering my mind.

For Fathers Day I tried to put a requested spin on a classic favorite combination of my own Father.  Spice cake w/ Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.  This time he wanted Kraken Rum for flavoring instead of Vanilla.  It’s not as potent as we would have liked.

I’ll have to work on perfecting it, but there’s the trouble of amount of fluid needed to create a strong flavor vs amount of fluid thinning the frosting.  This would probably be why extracts are used.

On the subject of tweaking things my life is in need of change and this means a possible business platform change, pending on the directions I chose.

Photo taken w/ my Canon EOS Rebel T2i. HDR image.

I would like to continue to make money w/ my photography but with a larger purpose and a strong goal.  There are many options / paths available that could create countless opportunities for me to bring help / awareness to people with my work while still collecting a modest sum at least to help keep myself afloat.  There are more financially rewarding paths though spiritually they may lack.. however I’m researching my options, more personal money could also allow me to help more, however time…

I know my internal struggle is not unique, people face these questions with themselves every day.  I would like to share my own progress in hopes to inspire someone else just maybe.  Stay tuned to view some of the options I have been mulling over in my mind.

Welcome Home Treats

My friend and his family recently went on vacation.  They arrived home last night and I’m preparing to take them their ‘welcome home’ treats.  While they were on vacation, I made time to make them some treats to let them know they were missed while they were gone.

Ours is a special friendship filled with never ending conversations, work incentives, creative ideas, and of coarse I lend my services to his mothers various job demands.  She works for a banquet hall / restaurant and they will be looking into my services for photography and advertising soon enough.

I’m a big believer in showing people your love with sugar, two of the sweetest things in the world.

Next on the cooking menu is Spiced cupcakes w/ Kraken rum flavored frosting.  A treat I’ll be whipping together for Fathers Day.  Which is tomorrow, don’t forget!

This Recipe  is a combination of a few.

I took white cake mix and added a cup of mashed banana for banana cupcakes.  Then I made peanut butter buttercream frosting (regular recipe for buttercream add cup of peanut butter) and I was going to make a dark chocolate buttercream but we were out of dark chocolate coco, so I used dark chocolate chips instead, melted them down and covered each cake w/ a chocolate topping, then frosting, then a drizzle of chocolate.  Some were garnished w/ bacon.

Some people make comments about how I should be a baker instead of a photographer, to them I say there is a big difference between passion / love and a hobby.  Baking is something I do as a hobby for zen and to spread love amongst those I care about.  Photography is my passion.  Enjoy, stay tuned for more delicious photo’s as well as park / train station work, more TFP samples and still yet to come the post on TFP.

Easter Dinner & Desert.

*Posted a little late.*

Easter was a delicious affair at my parents house.  I decided to take over the cooking this year, saving us all from the repetitive but classic dinners of previous years.  Also my mother has yet to retire though she has reached that age and I’d like her to not be cooking all day on her few day’s off.



Asparagus & Shrimp Risotto Casserole (recipe from Emeril).


Carrot *w/raisin* & Home-Made Buttercream Frosted Cupcakes.

 Don’t get your heart set on the 1 hour and 55 min prep time on the Risotto recipe.  Unless you’re used to cooking things with as many steps and prep then it might be a breeze for you but it took me a bit longer to pull things together and I miffed the rice a little but it came out amazing anyway.  My family loved it and they aren’t ones for trying new foods but the smells from the kitchen coaxed them into acceptance which they were more than grateful they found.

The cupcake mix was made with Duncan Hines Deluxe Carrot Cake mixture.  Includes carrots and raisins to add into the batter.  One of my favorite box cheats.  Cupcake photo’s will be featured tomorrow.  (A lot of work was pushed off due to the holiday, we’ll be back on track again tomorrow).

Though this post is technically posted the day after, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter, sorry for the delay on this update, hope you enjoyed!

More Cupcakes!

Sorry about the photo, it is not from my DSLR but my iphone. DSRL cupcake photo's coming later.

It has been a busy end to the week!  So much for those to-do lists huh?  It always happens like this, I’m not good at following plans, I’m deviant like that.

I haven’t been wasting time in my blogging absence though.  Further research, photo taking, and baking / cooking for foodography practice.  I adore food but I love photographing it and making you want it more than I enjoy eating it sometimes.

You’re probably wondering by now,

“How do I get my hands on some of those cupcakes?”

please, help me.  I can’t afford to keep making cupcakes at the rate I am, but the addiction to photographing them is too strong.  If you see a cupcake you want, BUY IT.  All cupcakes photographed and baked by me are for sale via request.

The cupcakes are valid for sale the day of being made (if the photo shoot is accomplished early enough) but always the day after.  Two day’s after their baking time is the last day they are available for sale.

The baking date will be published with each photo though normally it’s the same day the photo is posted.  (Unless done very late at night then the post is auto made in the morning).


Large cupcake $1.00

Mini cupcakes .50 cents ea.

Delivery available in my surrounding areas, just request and I will let you know if it is too far.
Pick up optional.

I have boxes that fit up to FOUR large cupcakes.  You can squeeze a variety of large and small into them.  About 6-9 mini cupcakes in a box.

If you want custom orders and I don’t have the time to accomodate you or the portfolio need (as I’m not a baker I’m a photographer but people do love my baked goods) I can refer you to a list of professional bakers in the area that would be happy to accomodate you.  I am not going into business as a baker, I am a photographer but I love photographing food, building my portfolio and cooking / baking.  I however can’t keep supporting this fun if I don’t start making cost back.

So please, if you’re interested have a try at one of my delicious creations!  Thank you, stay tuned for more news later.