Kodak Mickey Matic (google searched image).

Kodak Mickey Matic (google searched image).

What was the first camera you owned?

This is a google searched image of the first camera I ever had, Kodak Mickey Matic.
I lost it at age seven when I dropped it in a lake trying to capture light refraction photo’s of fish while my dad was fishing. I’d love to see what that film looks like today.
Whovians, do note my first camera was tardis blue!


2 thoughts on “Kodak Mickey Matic (google searched image).

  1. Mine was the Perfect Shot 110 by Fisher Price (large, blue, and with two hand holds). That thing got thrown regularly. I actually took some decent shots with it. I remember one project we had at school was to take photos of trash in our neighborhood. I decided to take a photo of Spike poop. lol

    • Thanks for sharing, I didn’t even know fisher price made real cameras so that’s awesome for me to learn.
      I have a feeling your photograph was an expression of your thoughts on the assignment 🙂 hahaha.
      I guess 110 film was cheap because a lot of kids cameras had it.

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