“I should get one of those.”

_MG_9513rtThese played out words fumble from many unsuspecting consumers lips.  “Those” is a DSLR.  Often while working I hear these words.  I was there myself at one time, except I never really said that.  Others said to me; “you should get one of those” as they watched me play with theirs.  I would go coy and mumble about expenses, shrug and usually at that point I would hand the camera back.  Not wanting to get too attached to a pipe dream.  It was honestly random chance that got me my first DSLR and I flew from there.  Most people that proclaim they should get a DSLR while watching me work I never take very seriously.  I have learned that many don’t follow through with their desire.

I fully encourage people to explore their artistic abilities and desires.  Those with a natural eye too you might think really need to get their hands on the right equipment.  You don’t know until you try.

thumbs-up-button-proThese things are all true.  However here is the problem I see repeatedly in various locations in one’s life when approaching photography / DSLR’s for the first time.


You may have a great eye, a natural talent and at first what seems like an undying drive but then not even a year after you sink half a life savings into gear it now collects dust in the back of your closet.  You let Uncle Jack take it out for a spin on family vacations it gets so little use.  The alternative, overly charmed by the magic of photography but under educated with no ambition towards research, formal or self education.  They buy the body with the starter kit and think this is all they need to make magic. When this doesn’t happen they get bored and you find a rudely expensive camera knocking around their back seat.  Not even in a bag mind you, just tumbling all over the place like it was that first kodak dock digi you got when geocities was still a valid site building service.

Try with a loaned camera first.  Don’t know someone willing to trust you with one?  Rent one!  It’s a small additional investment to the venture vs. diving into the deep end and have trouble selling your gear later.

For some people I feel like doing it this way, borrowing or renting one first will actually help some that might abandon their cameras early on were they to just go out and buy the gear, actually stick with it in the long run.  Just think about your options before diving head first… photography is an expensive thing to pick up, if you don’t plan to stick with it, you might as well get a new car…. or two… it’s that expensive.



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