End of the Year Sale

eotysThis is a first for MSP so we are excited to see how well this goes.

End of the Year Sale
Gallery Wraps 2 1/2” depth.
All wraps buy one get one (same size) free.
8”x10” Three for $500
11”x14” Three for $470
16”x16” Three for $595
All photographic print cards with envelopes buy one set get a second full set free!

20% off all Press Books, Albums & Luxe Frames.
35% off Fine Art Metals and Acrylic Prints.

Digital Images $10ea
Printed DVD & Tin $45
With purchase of ten images DVD and Tin is free.

Discount’s can only be taken advantage of when ordering within the two week period of the private viewing gallery.  MOR still applies, unless pairing with the End of the Year Mini-Session (link).

Sale ends 12/31/13
Bonus deal:
Book next years session within this sale period to lock in these savings for your press product order with your session.
Booking fee still due at time of booking.  See pricing guide (link) intro section for booking fee’s and guidelines.


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