Sunny Distractions – Meet Ms. Borgelt!

_MG_9898brtI had the pleasure of spending an evening with my very busy friend Sarah.  Fresh in her twenties her schedule is filled with a full-time work, part-time school and whatever social she can manage between her hobbies.  She fit me in for a few hours between salon time and a date.

Sarah is a great friend I’m proud to have.  Smart and clever with manners and wisdom beyond her years.

I enjoy how she has kept her own style in tact in this time of hipster age.  1rt

Sarah exudes elegance even in her rare clumsy moments.

Importantly she is one of my lighting assistants and more importantly a photographer with Meeshi Sense Photography.  She is one of my few photographers on call to back me up on big sessions like weddings, events and big family sessions.



Photography has been a hobby of Sarah’s since her teens.  A skill bestowed upon her from her father who is a strong enthusiast.

I hope to see her step up her skills and become a full time photographer though I think she might keep closer to her stage building skills.  Either way she has a bright future ahead of her.



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