Smart Camera

Frequently I’m questioned about camera’s.

As you know, apparently being a photographer mean’s that you’re a salesman too for all your gear, most commonly the camera.  People seem to have the idea in their head that I know about every camera on the market at any given time, because I’m a photographer.  Though I stay more up to date than someone outside my profession, doesn’t mean that you can ask me about any specific camera and I’ll be able to rattle it’s specs to you and know if it best suits your needs.

I don’t like to disappoint though, so if I’m asked these thing’s online, I’ll do them a favor.

I open google and I type in the camera they want.  I do a quick ten – fifteen minute research on it, compare prices, and find simular models of lower cost.  Link curious george to found information and wash my hands of the whole situation.

During the holiday season these questions increase as people consider gifts for loved ones.  This is when I want to help more than ever.  Kicking off my holiday suggestions for this season is the Nikon Coolpix s800c (Click Image below to view Nikons item page and learn more about it).

I highly recommend this camera to people wanting a camera who are still sporting old school cell phones (pre-smartphone).  Reasonably priced for this unique technology.

As always, thank you for your time and attention, stay tuned for more interesting news, updates, shooting tips and MSP information.


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