Innovative Apps

As a business person I’m always looking for apps to help my work function more smoothly.  At first glance at Dashlane I thought this has to be one of the most ridiculous lazy things I have seen.  I was viewing as a consumer of coarse as this was only about seven minutes after I opened my eyes and greeted the day, when I learned of the apps existence.

Sleepy eye’d I thumb through my new issue of PopSci as I wait for my water to nearly come to a boil for my tea.  I see this small side article on Dashlane and think to myself “What kind of lazy person can’t take a few minutes to fill out information fields and would rather risk their security allowing an app to keep all this information for them.”

Moments passed and consciousness sunk in and it hit me… possibly not a high demand for the average consumer, unless a shopaholic but more of a useful tool for business owners who have to make countless orders day in and day out.  Security wise it seems pretty secure, though I’m slightly skeptical of things like this, that’s also what insurances are in place for.  Something business owners carry vs the average consumer.  Insurance against costly accidents.

If you’re looking for a faster way to checkout online when ordering, check out Dashline, a free app meant to free up your time.  Available on windows, droid, and ios devices.  See your app store today to find your free download.

As always, thank you for your time and attention, stay tuned for more technology updates, shooting tips and MSP new’s.


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