MSP Holiday Portrait Mini Sessions.

The holiday season is a time for giving, and all that giving can leave your wallets pretty empty.  People love to send end of the year greeting cards to friends and family with photo’s and a small insert catching them up on the years events.  Sometimes they just want digital copies for an e-letter.

Whatever your reasons I have seasonal savings on quality portrait sessions.

Location still to be determined though I am aiming for space in the Linden / Argentine area.

I need at least six bookings to make this event spectacular for everyone, max 13 time slots available.  Sessions are twenty-five minutes long.  Book your time slot today before they fill up!

For more details, please read graphic below.  Click on image to see in it’s full size, isolated in a new window.

To claim your time slot call 530-633-7440 or email

If you’re going to participate in this event and are not a fan of the MSP FB fan page then you may want direct yourself towards this post and read the benefits available to fans of the MSP FB fan page.  You will find savings that can be applied to your session or print package order.

Stay tuned for more MSP updates as well as shooting & editing tips.  As always thank you for your time and attention.



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