Clone Tips with MSP

Clone Tips #2

If you are just tuning into this series and haven’t read the first post on Clone tips, please redirect yourself here before continuing.

Lets dive into some simple tips to make your clone shots more eye catching with interactive flow.

  • As previously mentioned, capture your background shot first.  Whether that be a single focus shot or an HDR compilation.  Remember if you chose HDR you want to be a little quicker with timing between frames if you’re relying on natural lighting settings.  Your background shot(s) will be the solid background for your final clone shot image.  
  • Make sure its DOF is set appropriately for how you plan to place your clones.  (Example:  If you want your clones at different DOF points, foreground, background and mid ground, then you want a clear full focus if you plan to make all said clones in focus.  If you want the background clone maybe standing by a tree to be out of focus then make sure that area in your background frame is of matching focus.)
  • Are you doing a photo series to tell a story w/ these clones?  Consider using different lighting techniques between frames.  Adds eye catching variety while displaying various skills in one series.  The first two photo’s are of the same series, both shot w/ a single unit strobist lighting, any bouncing of light was done using the environment.  A fun challenge.  

In the next clone tips post we will address fantasy style effects and animals as slightly used in the last clone shot.

Stay tuned for shooting & editing tips.  As always thank you for your time and attention.


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