I haven’t died, I swear.

Above is the view from the end of my old driveway.  Taken with my iphone4s using Hipstamatic app.

Lots of changes in the MSP office.  For one, it’s location or rather for now my location.  I’ve been moving across town and my office has remained at my parents.  I’m currently without internet so I’m running my office out of their home.  Soon there will be a studio / bathroom and an office in the basement of my new home for full functional operations!  I’m very excited about this transition.  First step though is getting the internet to come to my new woodsy haven.
Above is the pond out front of my new home / soon to be studio / office.

In between that I’m working on several clients and making memories last forever.  Also planning next years incentives, advertising, and general game plan.  Preparing for a vendor show in December in Owosso Michigan with some very talented company.  Trying to come up with a versatile print to offer as a door prize for the show.  I thought about giving a free session coupon as the door prize  but an associate pointed out that something they could take home and own right away would be more appealing and I have to say after she brought it up, I agree.

So much office work to be done that I haven’t had time to touch my camera much this summer but I will capture my new surroundings before it gets too cold to do so.  Hopefully my studio is built by the time the weather drastically changes so my work doesn’t skip a beat.

I promise to get back to the helpful blogging stuff as soon as I have time, I just have to get a few clients finished and then I can concentrate more on the underbelly of things.  Please hang in there, I appreciate all of my followers.  Next post will have some more clone tips for you!  Stay tuned!


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