First 100th fan Giveaway!

Below is a short one take video with my cell phone of the drawing for the First 100th fan Free Print Giveaway from Meeshi Sense Photography.  For those of you who don’t know I like to reward my fans from time to time.  When I reached 100 fans I gave the 100th fan a free print from MSP (yet to be picked out by fan).  Then I launched a drawing made up of all 100 fans.

Originally the prize for this drawing was going to be half off a print or half off a session.  I’ve changed that!!  It’s now either a free print or half off your session cost!   In the video I say claim your new print, but you can claim either 🙂

Please excuse the video, I’m a photo person, not video.  My friend John Narhi was kind enough to hold my phone for me.  I didn’t ask him to zoom in on the winning name though when I announced it so I took a photo afterwards for close ups.  If you can’t view the video on your phone please read below the video to find out who -if you- is the winner!

Click on image to make bigger for winner confirmation.
Winner of the drawing of MSP free print or half off session giveaway is Tylor Klausing!!

Thank you to everyone for participating and for those of you who didn’t win I’m sorry, hang in there for the 500 fan drawing / giveaway for your next chance to win!  More giveaways coming before that one too so keep your hopes up!  Thank you for tuning in and for your support in my work!

Also if you’re not a fan of the MSP FB Fanpage and want to be included in the next drawing for your own chance to win then go here and become a fan today!


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