Psychology for Photographers

Scott Kelby has been my guiding light for learning the photo part of my trade but he doesn’t really touch down on how to run your business.

There are plenty of resources online for photographers just starting out, but as I’ve said before and will continue to say, Psychology for Photographers is the best / most helpful blog around!

You can snap photo’s like the one above all day long, but if you don’t have some business savvy or marketing tricks under your sleeve your business won’t get very far.  While you’re waiting for the next semester to start to pick up that business class at a local community college or online, check yourself in at Psychology for Photographers.  I promise you will never regret book marking her blog or subscribing to email updates.  This is the most valuable tool I can pass on for the business aspect of photography, so cherish it, stalk it and absorb her lessons.  Stay tuned for more helpful tips, education, hot leads and more!


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