I have been coming around to using textures lately in my work.  Inspired by the king of texture use (in my opinion) Dyrk Wyst.  His use of textures is beyond inspirational and captivating.  Creating surrealistic fantasies for the eyes.  Below is one of his pieces.
adrift by Dyrk.Wyst
adrift, a photo by Dyrk.Wyst on Flickr.
I may visit my bank to make a deposit so I can purchase one of his texture packs from his blog.  Fear not freebie seekers he offers textures all the time for free use!  Though the ones you buy are original size (large print sizes).  At least you get to take his textures for some sort of spin before spending any money on them, and by using the free one’s if you’re so motivated try to create something of your own by observing his patterns.  However you use this information I just hope it helps you.  Follow Dyrk Wyst on Flickr, follow his blog for free textures and updates on new texture packs available in his store.  Also note if you have a Flickr account and you use any textures by him he has a Flickr group you can post them to.  Enjoy and thanks for tuning in!

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