Clones and why you don’t Delete Photos

I was going through some old photos looking for stuff to edit a few night’s ago when I found a series of photo’s I only edited one from.  One that was one of my most popular photo’s despite it’s lack of skill presentation.  You can see this photo displayed to the left here, w/ the what appears to be white t-shirt (it’s really yellow) and the shorts.

Almost a full year later I stumble upon this folder and find a few more photo’s that had more potential than this one and I wonder why I never edited them.  Maybe I didn’t have the vision for them then that I had immediately this time.

This brings us to a good note I’ve read in a few photography books – never delete a photo, you never know when you might come back to it with a purpose, or stumble upon it and be inspired unlike before.  

Above is the photo I edited from this set a few nights ago and left it at that.  It was clear to me that I was trying to set up a clone shot in this area but had failed to get my positioning well and also it seemed by my posture I was lacking inspiration that night for diversity between clones.  So I returned to this spot and reshot the clone piece in my head this morning at 1 AM.  Below are the varied editing results from last night.



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