Online Marketplaces.

One downside to going with template website hosting  companies is sometimes the marketplace in their templates are less than pleasing, and you pay more for the package that allows you to build that marketplace.

I fell into that pit.  I’m not ashamed to admit this mistake.  After I sold my first print in that market I found a few hidden fee’s.  Leaving me with little profit on my sale, despite my “high” prices for that market.

After some research I found a few better marketplaces that I could host outside my web site that took less from my profits.  One was specialized just for photographers, and though it looked promising it only paid out twice a month.  A discomforting fact for me, I enjoy getting the money as the purchases are made, rather than waiting for one of two days to collect in the month.  It makes covering upcoming costs far easier.

The solution came to me by chance.  I was browsing my facebook newsfeed when Blissful Beads – Handmade Jewelry posted a link to her new online store.  I took a look around and talked to her about their services.  I found myself completely pleased with the lack of fee’s, no hidden fee’s easy to use tools for me and easy design / interface for the shopper.

This new marketplace allows me to lower my prices by more than half!  A color 12″x12″ print from my old market would have cost the shopper $51, but in the new market you can pick up a 12″x12″ print (color) for $23 ($35 after shipping), a savings of $28.00.

I’m pretty pleased with the Copious marketplace and its familiar play off yardsellr, a marketplace I used to sell personal items from my home a year back to cover medical bills, a useful tool.

The marketplace I found specific for photographers had a great pricing tool that took a few moments to set up but would save you a lot of time in the future.  Visit Instaproofs and see if it’s for you.  It has a lot of great features for a photographers market if the payment plan doesn’t deter you.


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