Cupcakes and Life Direction.

Images taken w/ my iphone.

More cupcakes and you might be thinking;

“She could be blogging instead of making all these cupcakes.”

Truth.  My mind however has been scattered with decisions about the direction of my business and my life.  Baking is a great time for thinking, sorting through the things cluttering my mind.

For Fathers Day I tried to put a requested spin on a classic favorite combination of my own Father.  Spice cake w/ Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.  This time he wanted Kraken Rum for flavoring instead of Vanilla.  It’s not as potent as we would have liked.

I’ll have to work on perfecting it, but there’s the trouble of amount of fluid needed to create a strong flavor vs amount of fluid thinning the frosting.  This would probably be why extracts are used.

On the subject of tweaking things my life is in need of change and this means a possible business platform change, pending on the directions I chose.

Photo taken w/ my Canon EOS Rebel T2i. HDR image.

I would like to continue to make money w/ my photography but with a larger purpose and a strong goal.  There are many options / paths available that could create countless opportunities for me to bring help / awareness to people with my work while still collecting a modest sum at least to help keep myself afloat.  There are more financially rewarding paths though spiritually they may lack.. however I’m researching my options, more personal money could also allow me to help more, however time…

I know my internal struggle is not unique, people face these questions with themselves every day.  I would like to share my own progress in hopes to inspire someone else just maybe.  Stay tuned to view some of the options I have been mulling over in my mind.


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