Welcome Home Treats

My friend and his family recently went on vacation.  They arrived home last night and I’m preparing to take them their ‘welcome home’ treats.  While they were on vacation, I made time to make them some treats to let them know they were missed while they were gone.

Ours is a special friendship filled with never ending conversations, work incentives, creative ideas, and of coarse I lend my services to his mothers various job demands.  She works for a banquet hall / restaurant and they will be looking into my services for photography and advertising soon enough.

I’m a big believer in showing people your love with sugar, two of the sweetest things in the world.

Next on the cooking menu is Spiced cupcakes w/ Kraken rum flavored frosting.  A treat I’ll be whipping together for Fathers Day.  Which is tomorrow, don’t forget!

This Recipe  is a combination of a few.

I took white cake mix and added a cup of mashed banana for banana cupcakes.  Then I made peanut butter buttercream frosting (regular recipe for buttercream add cup of peanut butter) and I was going to make a dark chocolate buttercream but we were out of dark chocolate coco, so I used dark chocolate chips instead, melted them down and covered each cake w/ a chocolate topping, then frosting, then a drizzle of chocolate.  Some were garnished w/ bacon.

Some people make comments about how I should be a baker instead of a photographer, to them I say there is a big difference between passion / love and a hobby.  Baking is something I do as a hobby for zen and to spread love amongst those I care about.  Photography is my passion.  Enjoy, stay tuned for more delicious photo’s as well as park / train station work, more TFP samples and still yet to come the post on TFP.


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