Perks of Being a Wallflower: Rediscovered.

I’m sure I am not the only one excited to see the MTV Books hit “the perks of being a wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky coming to theaters this year.  Something I had expected to be happening for awhile now, the fact that it’s from the producers of “Juno” is no surprise.

I am sure many of you remember the tale that was unfolded in a series of anonymous letters written to a person who happened to strike a young boy as kind.

Depicted in this post is my second copy of the book published in 1999 by MTV Books.  My first copy was never returned after lending it out to a friend that moved away -these things happened and it was worth losing, knowing someone else would be able to share it and it’s tale-.

I and many others took this book far beyond reading, as many works of fiction generate some sort of living essence outside themselves in forms of community.  At the time LiveJournal (LJ and its notorious opposite DJ -DeadJournal) was at the height of the blogosphere.

There was a community called Dear Friend where you could be a Charlie and write anonymously to a stranger who was privately signed up on the Friend list, or sign up to be a Friend.  I was both.  Though I stopped writing to my friend after a year and I always wondered if my Charlie continued to write me, I have moved since then and the community was no longer moderated at the time, so there was no way of forwarding a new address.  The letters my Charlie did write, I still have in a box tucked away somewhere and until a week or so ago I was wearing a friendship bracelet she had made and sent for me.  It’s colors are faded now, it’s currently lost but it always comes back.

I know this book touched a lot of lives like great literature tends to do, and I hope the movie doesn’t disappoint any of the fans still lurking with their paperbacks close to heart.  Stay tuned for more information on it’s official release date.


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