Zombie: New Field Threat?


Photo not mine, taken from google search.

I’m sure all of you at some point have seen a zombie film; if not you may want to start or purchase the Zombie Survival Guide on your nearest nook.

People are starting to take notice of the sudden outbreak of cannabilism attacks striking not only nation but Canada and Sweden as well.

I wonder how seriously to take these incidents in my daily life.  Have any of you changed your habits or plans in lights of the violent attacks?  When in thefield will you carry any sort of protection against a “zombie” attack? Landscape photographers–didyou already carry protection of any sort to protect you from the wild I.C.E?

Though rumoured drug induced, the addicted reside nearly everywhere, how high is the potential of this affecting more people the same way? How long to contain it?

More importantly and as fest stated how seriously will I take it. How seriously will you take it?  I want to hear from you, everyone.  Photographers I would like to know if you take any extra steps for your safety when going into the wild or public outings since these reports.  Will we just treat it as a small passing surge like the birds and bees incidents?


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