ADAY is here!

It’s finally here, May 15th the ADAY project!  I’ve already started as soon as I woke up this morning on my photo’s, which I’m taking mostly with my iphone because I have far too much work on my plate right now to be hauling my DSLR around and then editing the images (as my camera doesn’t understand jpeg mode, it know’s only RAW).  Processing would have to be done then and I don’t have the time for it.  Besides, this is why I have an awesome phone.

In celebration of the photographing the day project happening right now, I’m using today’s post to publish a small list of big help resources for photography business education.

Books in image to the left are some current reads and past reads.  Each of them have been a big help with the blogs I’ve shared in earlier posts.

Top to bottom:

“Little Red Book of Selling” by Jeffrey Gitomer

“The Digital Photography Book” Series 1-4 by Scott Kelby (My most used tools for photography reference next to a blog I’ll share below).

“Bloggers Boot Camp”.  by White Biggs.  (You might as well buy an electronic version, the print version loses its pages very easily, poor construction but great information.  I break most these rules daily obviously but I’m working on it).

A very helpful blog for people learning flash / lighting.  Strobist.

Another great blog based out of Ann Arbor Michigan, the Photo Studio Group.

A great podcast to listen to for those of you who have itunes- TWIP (This Week in Photography).

These resources will help you excel and some will help keep your finger on the pulse, which is important in any field.  Thank you for tuning in, I apologize for my over worked schedule and lack of blog attention lately.  It’s a work in progress– scheduling.  Please stop back in for more gems soon, feel free to add any resources to this blog via comments, I appreciate all feedback / contributions.

Happy ADAY!


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