Photography Worldwide.

It’s getting closer by the day!  I hope a lot of people remember to participate in this event on May 15th!  Remember you can use your phone’s, point and shoot digi’s, film or DSLR.  Anything you could get into a valid copy to upload to the website’s gallery is accepted!  Click here for more details.

Local News- I have been on a photo taking rampage lately so the blog has fallen behind a bit more than I would have liked it too.  With all the new photo’s though I desperately needed to update the MSP web store.  I’ve currently only sold one print from my shop all year and I put the blame on myself.  I didn’t market it well, stock it properly or often.  Trying to keep more appealing content in it with what I hope will become regular updates.  I simplified the content (different products I offer) and that made things a lot easier.  I was able to do so easily with tips from Easy as Pie.

As you saw previously my Mothers Day shoot went well and the editing despite a few minor setbacks is coming along really well.  To see more from the Creek Motel shoot (also known as Mothers Day shoot) view my flickr feed (by clicking one of the previous links).

In other news I was handing out some business cards which have the image to the right printed on a few.  One of the people gathered around mentioned that this house (mind you this is on hearsay, I haven’t been able to fact check this yet) and property was nearly purchased by Ted Nugent for a wild life reserve / game hunting / petting zoo… (isn’t that a bundle?  I’m sure it wasn’t going to be all of these but one).  The city of Bancroft however did not want him to buy the property.  Again this was just word of mouth, I invite everyone to fact check this and share their information if it interests you.  This is just one perk to taking photos of local landmarks, the stories that surface when locals see them.

Branching Out- In other parts of the world photography isn’t as common, people don’t photograph every bit of their day with their phones, making every moment seem like an artistic frame freeze from a sundance film.  In Egypt photography is picking up, but not in the way we’re used to it.  Take a look here for more on what is happening in Egypt on the photography front.

Bringing it back Local- Thank you to everyone who has liked anything on my blog or followed my blog, yesterday I hit a wordpress badge mark for 100 likes!  Thank you everyone for tuning in and the support!

Thank you for tuning in and for your patience as I drop the ball here and there on daily updates.


2 thoughts on “Photography Worldwide.

  1. huh, the Nuge, in Bancroft… lol

    I could be wrong, but I thought Egypt was one of the places where they used to think cameras would steal your soul. Maybe not. Old superstitions always die hard.

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