Recap: Photo Contest’s and Photographing the World in a Day.

Today is a beautiful day here, and I’m getting ready to head out and enjoy it with my camera.  I’m heading to a local abandoned motel in Swartz Creek that I photographed a few years back when I was using less interesting editing software and had nothing of an organization system.  I think I may have lost the originals so re-editing isn’t a possibility.  Luckily it’s not far as stated so I’m heading out there again with new equipment and a few props plus a model this time.

In fact my model is TFP (Time For Print) based, which will be the perfect segway into building that post on TFP I’ve been promising.  So there is two birds with one stone!  Three really since I get to enjoy the day with a friend too.

In other news, 9 hours and some calculations from now the photo contest with cash prizes I entered closes!

There are plenty of more competitions to enter if you don’t make this one, but they might not be free of entry fee.

Also we are 9 DAYS away from “Photograph the World in a Day” project.  To learn more click here.  Don’t forget to participate!

Thank you for tuning in, hope everyone who participated in last night’s festivities of Cinco de Mayo has a speedy recovery this AM.


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