Stormy Weather: Positive Attitude.

A storm has never been a problem for me, even as a kid they were exciting, the colors of the sky through the stages was enchanting and I couldn’t wait until I didn’t have to listen to my parents warning’s anymore and venture outside to photograph these occurrences.  Now that I have the equipment and time I enjoy just that.  Though I’m still building the right supplies, for all stages of a storm and hunting down great places providing scenery plus partial shelter.  I have a storm jacket; but need sand bags still to attach to my tri-pod and partial shelter is still nice (like a pavilion) to feel slightly sheltered physically from harm and help protect my camera from wind shifts and water.

Last thursday we had a real good storm, it was violent dark and poetic.  It was however too violent for me to find shelter in a good location not having one previously scouted out… and even if I lucked upon one I still don’t have sand bags for my tri-pod, I can only anchor so much with my physical size.  It would have been nothing short of thrilling.  I got a few shots before the storm swooped down in a rage, flooding streets and relocating tree limbs.  Displayed is one, the rest are still waiting to be processed.  I keep setting up for panoramic and then never stitching them.  I need to get on this.

We have had a lot of them lately and I’m hoping that the weather clears up for Mothers Day next week.

I would like to hear from you about what you plan to get your mother for Mothers Day.  I’m thinking along the lines of the traditional card (because this is what she say’s she only wants), add a hand picked flower arrangement from my favorite farmers market (it’s a drive but I can combine errands + things to pick up from that store aside from flowers and make it more fiscally responsible which is always something a Mother desires of their Child).  To top it off and I’m not sure if I will or not as they are running out of wall space, but there are a few flower photo’s I’ve taken my mother really enjoys and I am contemplating a framed print for her from Mpix.

I have been increasingly proactive in my life– about time– and enjoying the small changes in what comes to me.  They build up to great things.  I’ve been reading more again, things that shape my thinking and attitude, less fiction, while keeping up with my photography reading.  Some resources already shared, more to come.  Stay tuned for positive stepping stones to a better everything which in turns helps your photography (no matter your style).  Thank you for stopping in.


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