Photography in the Country.

So yesterday was filled with dramatic clouds.  I wasted that time period though driving around searching for some ideal shot that I never found until naturally I had stopped looking and resigned, driving home for the night.  Where I ended up finding my spot was less than five minutes from home, despite having drove four hours around the state.

This isn’t uncommon and I should learn to look closer to home before venturing farther out. Perhaps it’s more a security issue.  When I find a spot I want to photograph in the city it is usually in the slums.  The last place you want to be by yourself with a bag full of expensive equipment and nothing about your set up is “low-key”.  If I had a friend with me, it would be different, safety in numbers, but to stand by myself with more than my weight in equipment worth more than my car in the hood would be less than genius.

Never the less that’s where the beautiful heart wrenching photo’s are taken thus I’ll get myself an entourage soon for such days.

I was able however to catch the sunset near my home, traveling down a dirt road I settled on a spot that was actually my second choice, the original eye catching scene didn’t pan out so well when I looked through my lens, but a stones throw down the road was my sweet spot.

Below is the fruits from yesterdays labor.   Equipment used: My Canon w/ Canon glass.  Vanguard tri-pod w/ ball head.  ND / ND Grad filters.  Wireless trigger.  Processing: Adobe Photoshop.  For further processing questions inquire in comments, again it only takes three inquires on a photo and I’ll reveal the step by step secrets.  Thank you for tuning in.


2 thoughts on “Photography in the Country.

    • I have the same sentiment. I noticed it after returning home from the road.

      Although I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a countryside prettier than the hills in Tennessee (personal experience anyway photographs around the world don’t count). The smells though don’t take you back to a innocent time long ago like around our parents home. I love when the sweet pea comes in.

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