Work Breaks and Edits.

I have had an exhausting weekend, I’ve really been hauling trying to make up for the few hours of free time I took yesterday.  I would have had everything under control if an email hadn’t came along with more “important” information (photos to be isolated) attached for the project I had ready to fall into place in the morning, also due in the afternoon.  Though they would prefer it monday it might be at their later convenience on tuesday due to the last minute additions and last minute reply of what exactly were the most important items to be displayed on the advertisement.

I realize at some point I’m going to have to make it clear that these type of last minute communications are not welcome and will in the future be left from the final product.  (I will and should enforce a 48 hour rule, stating that 48 hours before the due date no changes can be sent to me, any changes desired should be edited on their time from the product given with the information given in the original transactions).  This is all apart of taking control of your business, however setting up my new office has me more than occupied and other things are falling to the side lines, waiting to be addressed.

Soon I hope to have all back in order.

I edited some photo’s when I thought I was done with office work this morning (I’ve worked more than two thirds of my day away already).  I clearly should have checked my email before venturing into free photoshop time but I regret not the fruits of my playtime.

This is the fruits of a TFP session I did with a friend not too far from home.  This will be a great example for my TFP blog post (still coming soon).

Shown is a split version of two separate edits.

I welcome any questions on execution and processing.

I’m off to run some errands and tie up my night as quickly as possible so I can be up early in the morning to finish advertising work, and prepare for tomorrows meeting with Heather Nash from HMN photography.  Tomorrow is a very long day that I’ve been preparing all weekend for.  Tune in tomorrow (or tuesday if I don’t have the time) to find out what happens, more photo’s, and eventually that TFP blog post.

For now, please leave your own comments in advance with your views on TFP, I would really like to pull from some readers opinions to round out my own article.


6 thoughts on “Work Breaks and Edits.

  1. Last minute requests cause a lot of stress. You should definitely enforce that 48 hr rule for the sake of your mental health 🙂

    As for the photo, interesting 🙂 is that a rabbit?

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