Syncing: A must for efficiency.

As technology grows the amount of ways our devices can sync amongst themselves and apps is growing.  I for one love this and can’t get enough.  I can’t remember -nor do I want to be forced to relive- the agony that was having to plug my phone in for it to get data from my computer.  For some of us we don’t even have to manually launch a sync between devices they will automatically sync when in the same network or within a certain range of each other, if you setup your settings for such.

One of my favorite syncing apps among multiple devices is Evernote.  Fear not this isn’t an OS exclusive app.  It is open to all platforms to enjoy and organize their life or business with.  I could go on about how much it’s helped me but I’d rather leave you with a preview and the link to their official site above.  One thing I can mention is that unlike other favorite apps such as Mindnode, Evernote has it’s own server that it updates your notes to, so any time anywhere you can re-sync to the Evernote server, pulling the last saved notes from any other device onto your current one.  This can prove to be a life saver for those with trouble remembering everything when they leave home.

The link above (Evernote) and this image will say it all, I hope others find this as useful as I have.  (Despite my not updating some notes as often as I should, I’m making better habits of utilizing the tools accessible to me).  Stay tuned for that TFP post still to come and much more.


2 thoughts on “Syncing: A must for efficiency.

  1. Thank you for the useful post.

    I am assuming however that this is for non-iphone users? Since I think Iphones are capable of wireless syncing now (to and from the computer/icloud).

    • True but I still prefer the layout of the app.

      Keeps me far more organized than other ones. Since utilizing Evernote and Mindnode I accomplish a lot more and make better use of my random ideas.

      I found it was a big relief when I was switching from my entry level droid to my lovely and long lusted for iphone that my notes were easily transferred between the two and appeared in the same fashion I was accustomed to. The apps are identical between markets and that’s a bonus.

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