Business Card Discounts and Apologies!

It has been a hectic week in the MSP office.  I apologize for what seems to be pure abandonment to my readers, but it wasn’t.  Fear not I have not abandoned my path in life for a new shiny one.  Down this road we continue to travel together.  I merely had to lay some track work for smooth traveling in the future.

Lets get down to business though.  A little trick I used to grab more attention to my business was stepping my visual presentation up.  This doesn’t mean my work got better (though it naturally does as I practice a lot, I don’t wait for money to pick up my camera, I’m shooting regularly).

One of the most important parts of making a good impression when meeting a potential client outside your own body language and communication skills is your business card.  How easily it can be read, the information extracted and how well it grabs and holds your attention.

Nothing says invest in me like a stunning card that sits thick between the fingers with presence, a smooth texture w/ anti-glare coating, the image quality is print worthy.  Your client is holding what very well could be an expensive mini print in their hands.  If you’re a visual artist your business card should be something people have a hard time parting with, possibly even want to frame.  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  Its true though, there are cards out there that people will hang onto and the day they might lose it will be a sad day for them.  You want people to remember you like this.

How do you do it?

Click here for a discount to discovering the power of printing and the first impression.   With you can take advantage of printfinity which will transform your business cards into a mini portfolio that you will be able to hand out to people to treasure and in turn surely remember you and your services.

Taken w/ phone.

You spend so much money in the visual arts world on the tools utilized to create your work.   Don’t skimp on business card quality when it’s being used to display your work.  It speaks not only for your quality of standards but is the initial impression some people might have from your work if they don’t have a phone in front of them to look it up.  Your first impression is not the place to be cheap.  Invest in your business, invest in your cards.

This has been today’s advice, again I’m sorry for the absence and there are so many more thing’s I want to share, so stay tuned for lots of good things, as I’ve had tons of time to let it store up in my head.  Hope you enjoyed this check in.


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