Photo Contests w/ cash Prizes.

So I entered a photo contest yesterday, the stargazer lilly photo.  There is a cash prize for this contest and it was free to enter.  Check out I SHOT IT for more details.

Among other things accomplished I caught up on some serious internet appreciation.  It is amazing how many hours can be lost to following photos.

I want to know from you, what is your favorite photo sharing community?  Please leave your answer in the comments.

I’ve had a busy weekend of editing photo’s and favors for friends.  I even had to cancel some plans because I found myself over booked for my time.  I wish I could say I was ebbing onto this problem with clients, but hopefully soon with some help from sources shared with you earlier.

I edited yet another photo from the Bancroft farm series.

Click on the image for a larger view.

This and other recent works will be available in my web store finally later today.  I hope to see these end up in some neat places.

I also worked on the flower series for my mother, for mothers day.  I have a few options to choose from for her MD print, it’s hard for me to decide at this point.  For now to view the lilly visit my Flickr feed, posted to the right of this entry.

Coming soon, TFP; to do it or not?  Why?  A personal perspective.

Meanwhile, find Meeshi other places – Flickr.  Facebook.  G+.  500px.  Official Website.  Instagram: meeshi_

Thank you for tuning in, remember to do so again to stay posted.


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