Internet Gems & Finds.

How many of you are already enjoying the ‘Text’s from Hillary’ meme?  For those who might not know what a meme is click the previous link for help.  ‘Text’s from Hillary’ started from a simple photo snapped of her in a plane on her phone.  With the power of the internet and free time it took off into a photo project of sorts.

For more details click on the link above (texts from hillary).  I mention it because it inspired me for a photo project of my own -which I will wait to share as I wouldn’t want it swept out from under me- the point is though don’t shut down.  Inspiration can come from anywhere, even seemingly insignificant things.   I hope the link above however proves to be enjoyable to some readers and that you get a few good laughs from the photo’s like I did.

Other finds on the internet today– Free Wall Display Templates!!!  

I’ve been meaning to get around to doing my own since I searched for them a little over free years back at the wonderful asking price of FREE.  I couldn’t find any and I thought it a bit absurd to pay for something I completely understood how to do but didn’t have access to such inviting interiors to photograph and edit.

Some years later I’m starting to prepare to set up the work as my friends are moving into nice homes / condo’s with spacious rooms, I notice a post on FB from another photographer.  She links you to proDPI (a printing company that I actually have their printing requirements pdf printed out and stored in my office) where they actually on their site offer FREE wall display templates.  The description isn’t exactly the most descriptive, the wording could be mistaken for something else honestly and maybe this is why I never noticed them.

Giddy!  That’s what I was though to finally have a source, meaning there surely are others!  Click here to be directed to the downloads page where you can acquire the templates for yourself!

Mine depicted above is slightly tampered from the one they give you, so don’t wonder where that canvas arrangement went with that room setting in the package, it’s not there because I customized it and you can too!  Enjoy these two gems from the internet.

As always, thank you for tuning in.


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