Photographing the World in a Day.

Some of you might ask, how?  Some of you who possibly solve things like riddles often have probably already concluded that this would require more than one person.  Logical thinkers, you are right.

The A Day Photo project can be found at explaining the purpose, idea and execution of this project with the participation of you, myself and anyone else we choose to infect with the idea.

A quick run through of what’s going on.  The project isn’t an unfamiliar idea to anyone who participates in some sort of social network heavily based on photography or otherwise.

All photography equipment and levels are accepted for this project.  If you’re a beginner shooter who uses their iphone only, no fear, you’re still welcome in this project.  If you use a point and shoot camera hand held or on a tri-pod, a DSLR, or even film.  If you can get a digital copy of the image it’s a go for acceptance.

What are you capturing?

Your every day life, but don’t worry about running dry on inspiration.  The project is broken into three simple categories for you to hit through your day.  Home, Work and connections.  (Don’t have work, that’s fine, unemployment is considered in this group and you are then to capture what life is like for you during those normal work hours when others slave away).  Then each category is split into smaller sub categories to help guide you and inspire your photo journey through the day.

What happens to the photos when I submit them?

They will be displayed on the online community for A Day.  Some will even be chosen and published in a printed book.  So don’t miss your chance to be apart of a historical moment, to send your daily life into the future for others to examine and learn from.  Make an impact in your life, in others for generations to come.  Join the A Day project and start shuttering on May 15th, the official photo day.  For more details visit A Day website.  

Below is some samples of the type of photo’s you would take, category samples.  Home / room / junk.  Food.  Work.  connections / people interaction.


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