Monday Blues Cure | Processing Secrets.

What’s the secret to curing the Monday Blues?

Answer:  Own your own business, working for yourself and choosing those who work with you.

Easier said than done for some but it is just one good way to chase away dreading the start of a work week!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and possibly productive weekend.  I know I enjoyed my adventures and even came out with some photo’s from my laboring over the last two day’s.  I hoped you hadn’t thought I was ignoring the blog for nothing.  I was indeed being photographically active.  Below is a photo taken yesterday on my way home from running some errands.  

I’ve heard a few times already how unreal this looks, it seems to be a hit with people compared to some of my other works.  Envy of ones work usually leads to the same dreaded question of ones processing steps.

There are indeed plenty of photographers with blogs that reveal their trade secrets and even give out free photoshop actions or textures for your editing enjoyment.  There are also just as many secretive photographers who almost seemed miffed or offended upon hearing such a question.  Especially among those who are self taught with little to no help from any other photographers.  A sense of territorial ownership of your knowledge is logical in this situation, not everyone would be compelled to boast their ability to self teach by broadcasting all their information for all to absorb with less effort than their own.

I myself don’t mind helping people, but I don’t necessarily like to hold hands and show them every step.  It wasn’t done for me and I feel I am better off for it.  The lessons stick because they were a long time coming from observation, self awareness and endless hours of self motivated study.   Everyones education is at their own motivation but when you’re not working for credits or a degree then it requires a bit more motivation to keep the nose to the grind as if thousands of dollars were hanging on each semester sometimes just a single class.

So I want to hear from you readers, photographers, learners, hobbyists; what do you think about giving away your own photo secrets?  Even if it’s not something you yourself formulated but a simple step that one could take in a custom function setting to sharpen the image more in camera… when asked do you feel the need to keep your mouth shut or do you willingly spill any information asked for?    Do you divulge a little to get them started down the right path where the rest should unfold for them, or do you spill it all step by step with a map?

Let me know, I’m really interested in hearing others thoughts.  Also due to lack of response to the previous post (and I did give it plenty of time at the head of the page) I will not be handing out the processing tips for the images in the previous post.  Although the offer still stands, when and if three inquires build in the comment stack about the processing steps used, I will then make a responding post.  It just hasn’t happened yet.  As always thank you for tuning in.


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