Mixing it up. HDR & Symmetry.

Apologies for my absence yesterday, it was an insanely busy day between driving to and from errands, taking photo’s, editing photo’s and working on some projects I just didn’t have the energy when I found the time; somewhere around 1 am, to write.

Above is the visual fruits of yesterday’s labor for my Fine Art print galleries.  The images though HDR would hold far more detail if it hadn’t been so windy.  Tired of waiting for this endless wind to die down plus have a vibrant beautiful day without empty skies I shot anyway.  The irony is I believe I haven’t seen a blade of grass or limb on a tree move outside my windows this morning and it’s as vibrantly beautiful today as yesterday.

I was so excited to take photo’s outside again, to have the time weather and means to do so at once; the feeling was was exhilarating.  So much I may have formatted an entire card of cupcake photo’s I hadn’t uploaded to my computer yet.  I was at first sure I had but after the format was finished I got a sick feeling that maybe I was wrong… The results of yesterdays small road side session however is well worth whatever deserts were lost.

I stumbled upon a great composition I couldn’t ignore.  Below is a gallery of the various results from my processing.  I sometimes get carried away on just one idea.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.

If you want to know the steps behind a photo then like this post and leave a comment stating which photo you want to know about.

If I get 3 inquires I will write a responding post with the requested information.  Thank you for tuning in.


2 thoughts on “Mixing it up. HDR & Symmetry.

  1. I actually like the mix (but without the text) the best. The horse looks pretty fake to me and while it still looks fake-ish, the fact that multiple filters show it make it seem more legitimate. I really enjoyed them though and I’ve gotta say it’s quite difficult to pick a favorite outside the mix, but I’d probably go with the b/w then the cross processing as 2nd fav.

    • Thank you for your descriptive feedback, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Glad you could tell the horse was fake, I chose to keep this fairy land type feeling by not overly blending the horse in… it has the same light source and thats key but I kept its edges a bit too blur defined as well the perspective in the frame I toyed with in hopes to subconsciously cue to people it wasn’t real but it should appear so at first.. but then settle that its not…. appear at first with doubt that is.

      I’m glad you enjoyed each piece, the spliced one was fun to make. Thanks again, those two are kind of my fav as well.

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