Easter Dinner & Desert.

*Posted a little late.*

Easter was a delicious affair at my parents house.  I decided to take over the cooking this year, saving us all from the repetitive but classic dinners of previous years.  Also my mother has yet to retire though she has reached that age and I’d like her to not be cooking all day on her few day’s off.



Asparagus & Shrimp Risotto Casserole (recipe from Emeril).


Carrot *w/raisin* & Home-Made Buttercream Frosted Cupcakes.

 Don’t get your heart set on the 1 hour and 55 min prep time on the Risotto recipe.  Unless you’re used to cooking things with as many steps and prep then it might be a breeze for you but it took me a bit longer to pull things together and I miffed the rice a little but it came out amazing anyway.  My family loved it and they aren’t ones for trying new foods but the smells from the kitchen coaxed them into acceptance which they were more than grateful they found.

The cupcake mix was made with Duncan Hines Deluxe Carrot Cake mixture.  Includes carrots and raisins to add into the batter.  One of my favorite box cheats.  Cupcake photo’s will be featured tomorrow.  (A lot of work was pushed off due to the holiday, we’ll be back on track again tomorrow).

Though this post is technically posted the day after, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter, sorry for the delay on this update, hope you enjoyed!


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