Easter Morning.

Well it’s actually closer to Easter afternoon at this point.  On this beautiful morning, for those of you who follow the Easter traditions and faith surrounding the holiday I thought I would do a few special things for all of you today.  Not necessarily specifically Easter related (not all) but just some neat stuff and the excuse is the special occasion!

*Photo by Jill Chilson*

To kick off the day before I get into Easter dinner, desserts and my day I want to share with you a fellow photographer.  Jill Chilson shared me with the world one quiet afternoon and it benefitted me greatly.  I don’t have the following that she does, but I’ll continue to share her work again and again.

A warm lady trying to find her own style in the world of photography much like myself.  We share a lot of similarities in our struggles with our work and a comparative level of passion.

Lately she has been perfecting her processing skills, bringing voice to her finished works that will soon be more than identifiable.   She loves to photographe horses and this is how I found her, looking for a home for a few odds and ends in my hard drive.

Her range is wide and inviting, I suggest you give her a look, she is worth a follow.  You can find her on several networks but linked above through her name is her own photography blog.

You can throughly research her witha simple google search of her name as well.  I hope you enjoy her work as I have, thanks for tuning in.  



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