More Cupcakes!

Sorry about the photo, it is not from my DSLR but my iphone. DSRL cupcake photo's coming later.

It has been a busy end to the week!  So much for those to-do lists huh?  It always happens like this, I’m not good at following plans, I’m deviant like that.

I haven’t been wasting time in my blogging absence though.  Further research, photo taking, and baking / cooking for foodography practice.  I adore food but I love photographing it and making you want it more than I enjoy eating it sometimes.

You’re probably wondering by now,

“How do I get my hands on some of those cupcakes?”

please, help me.  I can’t afford to keep making cupcakes at the rate I am, but the addiction to photographing them is too strong.  If you see a cupcake you want, BUY IT.  All cupcakes photographed and baked by me are for sale via request.

The cupcakes are valid for sale the day of being made (if the photo shoot is accomplished early enough) but always the day after.  Two day’s after their baking time is the last day they are available for sale.

The baking date will be published with each photo though normally it’s the same day the photo is posted.  (Unless done very late at night then the post is auto made in the morning).


Large cupcake $1.00

Mini cupcakes .50 cents ea.

Delivery available in my surrounding areas, just request and I will let you know if it is too far.
Pick up optional.

I have boxes that fit up to FOUR large cupcakes.  You can squeeze a variety of large and small into them.  About 6-9 mini cupcakes in a box.

If you want custom orders and I don’t have the time to accomodate you or the portfolio need (as I’m not a baker I’m a photographer but people do love my baked goods) I can refer you to a list of professional bakers in the area that would be happy to accomodate you.  I am not going into business as a baker, I am a photographer but I love photographing food, building my portfolio and cooking / baking.  I however can’t keep supporting this fun if I don’t start making cost back.

So please, if you’re interested have a try at one of my delicious creations!  Thank you, stay tuned for more news later.


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