Time friend or foe?

*If you want to skip the literary antidote into this entry as it is a bit lengthy, the time management tips from my research are clearly listed below, so you can scroll down and find them.*

It’s been noted in many conversations at many points of time about the nature of time.  It’s a wore out cliché “When you’re busy fulfilling obligations time seems to slow down, when you’re busy having fun, time seems to speed up and fly by”.

This statement points out the shared observation that when one is busy doing something they would rather not do, they will observe time more closely and it will seem to drag on as they check it’s progress more often.  It’s existence and properties being forefront in their thoughts makes it feel as though it moves forward in the slowest of fashions.  When we are consumed with wonderful emotions and wrapped up in entertaining events that fill us with joy we ignore time.  It’s the farthest thing from our thoughts, so when we bring our attention back to it, naturally it has escaped us.

It’s easy to find ourselves escaping our obligations and slipping into a daydream state where time will speed up, stealing from us though precious moments of productivity in a work day.  It’s important to not become overwhelmed with the daily tasks at any job.  After all what’s the point of rushing free time to us with dazed looks at work and daydreams when no true enjoyment will come when we do what we want to do, knowing our work waits at a desk unfinished.  What isn’t completed today only waits for you tomorrow, it doesn’t disappear and no one else does it unless you delegate it to them, which in itself is an action on your part that wont be completed if you put it off.

Today I have been pretty productive, but I feel I could have accomplished a lot more.

This blogging thing is very new to me.  Although I kept a personal blogging up (raised by the internet) it’s not the same as managing a blog for your business so I picked some books up on it which have added to my already jumbled work load.

Creating a business from the ground means you call the shots, you make the schedules and you manage tasks and time.  The work process is built, maintained and taught to others by you.  This is a lot to take on.


I’m constantly tweaking processes to make things go smoother and I appreciate each learning experience.

My first time management tips come from the Metro, an article written by Bruce Walsh, published Jan. 29, 2012.

  • Adjust the way you manage your e-mail.

“There are three kinds of e-mail:

Stuff they have to think about later.

Stuff they are managing over time.

Some are an action they have to take.

Most people flag certain e-mail or forward it to themselves to kick it back to the top.  But when you send them back to yourself, change the subject lines of your action e-mails to verbs: “Call,” “Review,” “Print,”  Then suddenly your inbox becomes a to-do list, not just this random clutter of communication.”

-Bruce Walsh/Metro.

  • Time management is as much about thinking ahead and anticipating possible needs as attacking tasks at hand.  Something a person can do today to make a positive change in his or her career?

“Subscribe to five magazines about something you want to learn about.  Buy five books about that same topic, and sign up for five days of conferences.  You’re going to get 60 issues of ideas about the conferences will create a social connection with what you’re growing toward.  Those three things could set your year up for real growth.”

-Bruce Walsh/Metro

You can read the entire article quoted above here.

Another good tip borrowed from Dr. Joelle K. Jay, Ph. D.

The 5 D’s.

  • Do It:  Stop pushing around a task and do it now.  Use this for any task that takes 15 minutes or less.
  • Delete It:  There are some things that do not require your response.  Just because someone sent you the message/document/suggestion doesn’t mean you have to reply.  If an item doesn’t advance a relationship or achieve an important goal, get rid of it.
  • Delegate It:  As often as possible, pass a task on to someone else who can handle the job.  They don’t have to do it better than you; they don’t even have to do it as fast.  They probably won’t.  But unless it’s a top priority or specific result that you and only you can deliver, you’re not the right person to do it.  Pass it on.
  • Decide On It:  No more moving items from one stack to another, telling yourself, “i’ll get back to that.”  Will you attend the meeting or won’t you?  Will you agree to that request or won’t you?  Make a decision.  Move on.
  • Date It:  Choose when you will give big-ticket items your undivided time and attention.  Figure out how much time you need and block it out in your schedule.  You can forget about it until then.
This is just one of many tips given in this article, to read the entire thing click here.
Other time management tricks-
  • Prepare for your following day the night before.  Leave your work space in an orderly state with the most important affairs waiting for you on your desk.  Tucked away in a corner maybe so they’re not a looming presence but at the top of your to-do pile.  Make an agenda of things to do in your next work day that you may follow if you find yourself faltering for your next task.
  • Avoid distractions.  TV and radio can be huge distractions and issues for people who work in home offices.  Though music can be helpful it can be as distracting.  I find it most productive to listen to sound hertz on repetitive loops, this makes me concentrate harder on the task at hand as well opens up channels of clarity that are normally beyond me.
  • Set time goals.  When you start a task time yourself, if it’s a task you have to repeat daily try to reduce the time it takes you to finish the task each day.  This will motivate you to work faster.  Make sure to observe your work though, don’t blotch your work worried about a new time goal.

I hope you found this post helpful, it was fun to compile.  This post also pushed me over my daily blog limit all on it’s own, without adding in the word count from this mornings post!  First blog goal met!  I can tick that off on my sheet as I wrap up my day in the office and head out for some good old field work.  Thank you for reading, I hope everyone enjoy’s their evening.


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