Good Morning on Day 2.

Good Morning!  Usually things kick off pretty early in the MSP office (which is more like a broom closet, Harry Potter would be cramped).  This mornings sunrise was beautiful, though the weather was too cold and damp for me to sit outside capturing it.  I decided to still post a sunrise photo though, above is a lake in Brighton.  Depicted as the morning sun rises casting beautiful and exotic colors through the sky.

Though the photo above depicts a summer sunrise the season is spring and things are waking from their wintery slumber.  Now is the time colors are born into the dreary atmosphere that becomes Michigan through the shortening winter months.  If the air weren’t so often threatening of illness were I to expose myself to it at those vulnerable and visually magical hours I would have many images to share with you.  I am currently working on the perfected layer outfit for ease of movement for obtaining my shot + keeping warmth in the nippy spring morning air.

I woke up this morning to Tokyo news and when I got into the office and logged into my photography news I was drawn to a blog based out of Tokyo.  My day seems to be themed already!  I browsed a delightful blog entry posted this morning entitled “Let the Ohanami begin!”  I encourage all of you to give it a look over, it wont take up much of your time.

As the day warms up I hope to take some photo’s which I will share with you here later.  There are cupcakes waiting to be photographed, knowledge to be obtained, appointments to be made, and much more, including the possible redesign of the MSP website.  I also want to explore deviations in my foodography designs.  Stay tuned to find out what I learn.


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