Photo Rescue: Posing


Posing is more difficult a task than many photographers realize when starting out.  Everyone wants to dive into the portrait field because its where most the money is made, but few realize the complexity behind the process.  The mind can abandon you at any time in any task, posing is no different than taking a test…. your brain may flee when you need it so be so prepared you could pose your subjects in your sleep.

I myself still have difficulty keeping my posing plans together without guides printed out for my venture.  Here are a few tips before I re-direct you to a pinterest board made of posing tip pins.

  • Browse portraits regularly online via image searches to familiarize yourself with the current trends.
  • Print out several poses you’re interested in your model giving you so you can help communicate your needs to them with visual aid.
  • Lots of practice in your free time with friends!

Now onto the Pinterest board.  Click the image at the top of this post to be re-directed to the Posing tips board.


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