New beginnings.

With new beginnings comes research.  Of new options, worlds, surroundings, opportunities, and much more.
This is the start of a new month and the exploration of an old but new blog service; both to me and the internet.  Wordpress has become very popular in blogging formats over the last few years, about the time I gave up on their services so it appears.

MSP started on WordPress in 2008 but moved onto other communities that better fit my needs at the time as I wasn’t looking for a blogging experience but a sharing one between fellow photographers and myself.   I found some things but nothing as grand as I was expecting, though I’m sure this is a common note in logs of many journeys.

There is some debate going on in my mind as to how to utilize WordPress now.  For the time being I will be replacing my server hosted blog with this blog while exploring its capabilities of being a fully functioning website in the future.  October my contract with is up and I would like to know I have explored my options.  Things change quickly online and many communities I once passed up have worlds more to offer now.  The discoveries are exciting!

Coming to MSP blog in April:

  • More foodography!  I’m going to aim for something outside of the cupcake family this month however don’t be surprised to still see cupcakes popping up!  New feature to foodography: Recipes to accompany the Pinterest pin boards!
  • Two new “Old” camera write-up’s.  (History, description, make, and photos).  What awesome finds were gifted to MSP in March?  Stay tuned to find out!
  • A new photo series to be unveiled & much more!  Stay tuned!



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