China, politics aside.

There indeed are some unfortunate things happening in China although as long as I can remember being on this earth I’ve heard that sentence mumbled often.  It’s apparent as time goes on that my dream of traveling to China and being free to roam around for the purpose of taking photo’s will be a window that continues to shrink.

I however will not give up hope, until then I find myself searching for photographic evidence of daily life in China to fuel my curiosity.

One of my favorite parts of the culture lies in the farming community, the rice paddy fields.  During their dry season they are a magical green lush terraced stage in nature, during the wet season they are beautiful terraced ponds, reflecting all the magic and wonder that is astrological science above them.  I had a dream / wish when I started photography to live in the farming community for a year, documenting the harvest and its journey.

Someday these things will happen for me, until then I would like to share this blog I found featuring some amazing photographs depicting life in another place foreign to some.  Click the image below to be re-directed.

*Photo borrowed from National Geographic.  Not my content.*


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